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Things I learned during my first year as a Junior Developer

It’s been an interesting 2018: it was the first year I have coded full-time while getting also paid for it. Before that, I worked mainly as internal IT support for a couple different companies, where my coding skills weren’t being tested as much as right now. I won’t lie, the year wasn’t always easy. I am surrounded by some brilliant people and I have very often felt some sort of inferiority complex that brought me down many a times; I thought that my experience (or lack thereof) was slowing down the team or not allowing us to achieve the goals we were supposed to achieve.

Making pyenv and neovim play nice (and a few gotchas found along the way)

For my development workflow and IDE, I’ve recently decided to move from Vim, to NeoVim, which is essentially Vim on steroids. No, but seriously, NeoVim has a few features that are really interesting, but the real reason for moving is that, as a Python dev, I need to be able to look at source code and definitions very often, while hacking on my code. The wonderful jedi-vim plugin normally allows me to do just that, when it comes to my local project.